After being inspired by a combination of the cookies made for the favors at our wedding and hours spent pinning items over at Pinterest (follow me!), I decided to try my hand at decorating cookies.

On our honeymoon, I bought an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter. The husband gave me a look when I bought it as if he e expected I would never use it. Being that I love proving him wrong, I used the cookie cutter in just over a month of returning!

I made three versions of the landmark. The two special versions are my favorite. I love the heart that I added in the middle, reminding me of our time there! The second version is meant to represent how the tower sparkles at nighttime.

Then I moved on to my second favorite thing, cupcakes! I used a bunch of different colors and a variety of techniques I wanted to try out to get the cupcakes looking as cute as they do.

My favorite are the ones with the sprinkles!

Finally, my third favorite thing, mustaches. Well okay, they aren’t my most favorite thing, but how can you resist.

I should have made them with sticks so they could be used appropriately…next time.