With only 4ish weeks to go until my wedding, my mother threw me the most amazing bridal shower ever! The fiance and I are traveling to Paris for our honeymoon (amazing!) so I wanted a Parisian themed party. Mom found a french restaurant, planned every detail, down to the Parisian mug centerpieces, and brought together all of my favorite people for a really special day.

Despite throwing a full blown bridezilla sized hissy fit about making a cake for the day, I turned out a totally awesome, totally me cake. The cake is inspired by a cake inside of Simply Spectacular Cakes by Peggy Porchsen.

A couple of thing I learned along the way while making this cake. 1) Bows are not easy. I made three (yes three) bows ahead of time that took about 8 tries each. When it came time to put them on the cake, they had all dried in a way that did not work. I made one on the spot and luckily it worked. 2) I am kinda good at piping with royal icing. I am going to have to give myself a couple of new projects. 3) I still love my fiance despite him sticking his finger into my original Eiffel Tower and causing me to have to make 3 more the night before just to be safe. 4) Cake decorating is 90% covering up the mistakes you made (see my monogram).

Being that it was my own cake, I went with chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting. Why not, right?